A Great Day For Japanese Samurai Enthusiasts


Masamune was one of the greatest Japanese swordmakers (or the greatest, I don’t want to get involved in the historian wars). He lived and worked in the late 1200s and early 1300s in the Kanagawa Prefecture. Even during his lifetime, Masamune was acknowledged as a great swordmaster. His reluctance to sign his swords, however, has made identifying his works difficult. In fact, for the past 150 years, no new Masamune swords have been confirmed.


a previously identified Masamune creation

After centuries of civil wars, local squabbles, and pirates, swords tend to get lost or lose identification, no matter how impressive their pedigree. Last year, a man brought a sword, which had found its way into his personal property, to the Kyoto National Museum to be appraised. The resident historian and sword expert (what an awesome title) has after months of study concluded it is a new Masamune sword. The particular sword is called the Shimazu Masamune. It was given in 1862 by Iemochi, the 14th Tokugawa shogun, to the Imperial Family marking his marriage to Princess Kazunomiya.


Princess Kazunomiya, who was renowned for her poetry